Truly Amazing

One day I was in the city, New York City to be exact and I had stopped to get a slice of pizza. As I was about to pay, I noticed the man pick up his iphone, asking myself exactly what was the white adapter that was plugged into his phone. I realized that he then just swiped my card through the adapter, plugged in how much my pizza was then asked me to sign using my finger. 

I found that mind boggling that you can now use your cell phone to make transactions. Not just personal transactions but transactions at up and running businesses. This shows how far technology has come in today’s market. Sooner or later, there will no longer be cashiers in restaurants and other stores. For example, look at the apple store. Besides the store being a major touchpoint, the fact that the employees make transactions using their iphone is a major touchpoint.

No other stores today use iphones to make transactions. Why? I have no clue. It honestly makes life easier. If you think about it, there are never any lines at the Apple Store. The only waiting customers have to do is when your waiting to be helped. The video I uploaded shows the new “Square Register,” where a lady replaced the cashier with a ipad. She basically ran her business with the help of her ipad adding all of her merchandise onto the ipad and even the frequent customers so that when they do come in all they have to do is click their name and there set to go. I honestly think the Square Register will boom in the market. Give it some time and sooner or later you will begin to see it in more stores. 

Square Register.flv (by TheTechWorld11)

Ever since Adidas took sole control in the NBA and began recreating the Jersey’s, they have been doing big things. A lot of fans have been wanting a retro night in the NBA. It always seemed like it was never bound to happen but we can all say that Adidas worked their magic and made it happen. Adidas recently revealed the “90s wave-styling” NBA Hardwood Classic uniforms.

Several NBA teams such as the Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, and Sacramento Kings wore the jerseys last night as apart of “NBA Hardwoods Classic Night” causing there to be a lot of buzz going around in the NBA. NBA Superstar Dwayne Wade posted a picture on his Instagram holding up his retro jersey prior to his game. It was obviously that he was looking forward to wearing it that night. NBA teams will wear the jersey periodically from January 30 to March 30. 

Me personally love the retro jerseys. I’ve always told my friends that the NBA needs to have a Classic Night where all the NBA teams wear the retro jerseys. I honestly believe it brings more excitement to the NBA when teams are wearing the retro jerseys looking like their stuck in the 90s. If it could be done, I’d even say change the flooring of the court and transform it back to the 90s era. It is possible. Once Adidas allows customers to purchase the jersey’s I certainly will be purchasing one for myself. It’s just something to have and a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to get their hands on a retro jersey. This was a very good move by Adidas. For once I am proud of what they’ve done. They just need to keep it going! 



Microsoft’s “The Surface Movement” Commercial - Behind the Scenes [DS2DIO] (by DS2DIO)

Microsoft Surface

Yesterday February 1st, 2013, I went to see the movie “Parker” with the love of my God granted life. We had arrived early so they were showing a lot of behind the scenes for television shows and commercials. One commercial that really caught my eye was the commercial for Microsoft Surface. What intrigued me was the “behind the scenes” footage. The director and choreographer discussed that the primary focus for the commercial was to reel in the audience by the “clicking” sounds throughout the commercial. 

The choreographer highlighted important scenes and nuances that his actors and dancers were mandated to hit in order to bring out the correct and full effect. As the commercial premiered, we saw the behind-the-scenes action come to life. Second by second, different singers and actors pranced around the screen “clicking” continuously. What intrigued me the most was how much the sound actually impacted me and influenced the commercial. Each and every step and movement was surrounded around the “clicking” of this new Microsoft product. Accompanied with great music and a lots of rhythmic jokes, in a way, I was sold. 

My initial reaction was, “Too bad they’ll never sell more than Apple.” Apple has branded itself with efficiency, success, and customer appreciation. Purchasing Macbooks, Ipads, and Iphones has become the routine for many individuals worldwide. Since the surplus is so large, it’s incredibly difficult for any other brand to compete. The brand name alone supercedes any other manufacturer in today’s technological market and will continue to do so. Thinking about Apple commercials, the iPad commercial in particular, I was nowhere near as intrigued as I was yesterday as I watched the commercial for Microsoft. However I am already a sold Apple customer. I’d never purchase a product from Microsoft because of the prestige and power that comes from Apple and its products. 

Microsoft Surface - Commercial HD (by pixelplanet)

Turkish Airlines - Legends on Board 

Turkish Airlines - Legends on Board 

Nike Vapor Trail 

Nike Vapor Trail 

The beginning of the article says “Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s second-best soccer player after Lionel Messi” and that is true. I really dislike Cristiano Ronaldo, but the commercial that he was in was just brilliant. That is up there with one of my favorite soccer commercials. It made it seem that when he’s playing with those soccer boots he brings a storm with him, and realistically, that is true. When he’s on the field he brings a storm with him and leaves with a mess behind him just like what he did in the commercial. I liked how everything was in slow motion. It made me focus hard on the smaller things like the coaches glasses flying off his face and the man flying into the police. Although it was slow it still seemed as if everything was moving fast because of the damage that he was bringing with him. Then once they showed Ronaldo, everything went back to normal speed and he ended the commercial with a bang, the goal.

The commercial just shows the amount of power he has on the soccer field. W+K did a good job with the commercial. One thing I hope to see in the future are more soccer and internationally known sport commercials with them. I can tell you that this commercial is being shown everywhere around the world and is making a big statement. Once little kids such as those who play at the Barcelona FC Camp at the age of 9 see the commercial they will be begging whoever they can to get a pair of those soccer cleats. If I still played soccer, I would certainly be getting myself a pair of them. They are just a good looking pair of boots and Ronaldo advertised them very well.

Nike Football: Cristiano Ronaldo leaves a Vapor Trail (by NikeFootball)

"Who Needs to Wait until Game Day?"

When it comes to the days anticipating the superbowl, a lot of companies decide to release some commercials to the public. I somewhat don’t like that because it prevents the viewers from the actual “anticipation” for the commercials on Game Day. It happens every year where I will hear one person in the room ruin the commercial and shout “OH I SAW THIS ONE” or “HE GETS PUNCHED IN THE FACE NEXT! WATCH!” I rather the commercials not be released onto youtube or news week because it just ruins the excitement of the commercials. For example, so far I’ve seen 6 different superbowl commercials already and the superbowl isn’t for another couple of days. On the other hand, now I can give my own ratings to the commercials before the real ratings are actually released.

After reading through Ad Age “See more superbowl ads early” there was one commercial that really caught my attention. Firstly, the Century 21 commercial was just horrible. I didn’t laugh at all. The past years, Century 21 commercials were semi par so as of now, Century 21 is at the bottom on my totem pole.

The Axe Apollo Lifeguard commercial was okay to me. The reason as to why I liked it was because the lifeguard decided to go out and save the drowning lady but before he actually saved her he decided to fight the shark. Something people never do, especially lifeguards. The whole Astronaut kind of threw me off because it was very random and out of no where. I really didn’t see the connection with axe and the astronaut. So that commercial is at the number 3 spot.

At #2 is the Volkswagen. I actually uploaded that video onto my facebook page a couple days ago. It was very clever being that I am from Jamaica. The accents were funny although supposedly a lot of people felt offended due to the horrible accents. I liked it because it had ties with Jamaica. A lot of people may not know the reason as to why they were acting like they were Jamaicans. I think its because the Volkswagen at one point was the number 1 car in Jamaica. In the 80s and early 90s everyone were driving “buggies” in Jamaica including my parents so I guess once they step foot into the volkswagen, they felt like they were 1. in Jamaica and 2 they were at ease. The man kept telling his co workers “don’t worry mon, just relax.” Basically, what he is trying to say is that the Volkswagen is a very calm and relaxing vehicle and that once your in the car you are at ease and relaxed. Therefore, Volkswagen stands at #2 on my list.

And last but not least, the “Audi 2013 Big Game - Prom” commercial is #1 for me. It was hilarious starting with the Mother getting her son ready for prom, babying him like every mother does on that night to the father stepping up big time and tossing his son the keys to the AUDI. Every child would love to take that car to prom. Once he got the keys he felt like the man and that no one was stopping him that night. Not even the Principle since he parked the car in a reserved spot. He then walked into the prom with his chest high and had the courage to go kiss the beautiful lady who was I guess the prom kings date. In conclusion, the boy left the prom with a black and blue eye but at the end of the night he didn’t care at all because he was driving the AUDI. 

AXE Apollo - Lifeguard TV Commercial (by AXE)

Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial | Get In. Get Happy. (by Volkswagen)

Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial - “Prom” (by AudiofAmerica)

For a lot of people, this is their favorite time of the year. When it comes time to watch America’s game the SUPERBOWL, for some people, it’s the commercials that they look forward to watching including me. That being said, can doritos keep their winning streak going. Throughout the years, I think it’s between the Doritos, Bud Light and sometimes the car commercials such as the “Audi 2012 GameDay Vampire Party”  who has the best commercials. I don’t know if people really realize this but when Doritos use animals in their commercials, they have a tendency to use the same little dog. I guess its because it’s a funny looking dog which helps attract the viewers. I’m not too sure what breed it is but you can tell it’s the same dog. After viewing the two dorito commercials, my favorite one so far was the “Doritos CTSB DC FashionistaDaddy.”

It was clever to me because I like how they implemented the little girl taking control of the men who were about to have their own little party but they ended up having the party with the little child because she had the doritos. It was showing how much of an effect doritos can have on men. The other commerical when the little girl threw the dorito out the window was funny because she came to her senses that the dog was being mean stealing her chips and she couldn’t stand it anymore so she threw the chip out the window causing the dog to go after the chip.